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Ad 2 is part of the American Advertising Federation and participates with other Ad 2 chapters across the country in the Public Service Competition and Club Achievement Awards.

Through their affiliation with AAF-Houston, Ad 2 members enjoy dual membership in both clubs as do AAF-Houston members who are age 32 or under. Whether you are a college student figuring it out, young professional learning the ropes, or a trailblazer climbing your way to the top, Ad 2 is for you.

Ad 2 Houston was recently named the Small Club of the Year by Ad 2 National and also received a Club of Excellence designation. For more information on Ad 2-Houston and their events, follow them on Facebook or drop them an e-mail for more information.

Ad 2 Houston members love what they do and find joy in bettering themselves and those around them through networking, professional developments, and giving back to the community. Ad 2 has a long history of helping others through their public service programs, providing creative and communications assistance for a variety of non-profit organizations. The public service program has provided many Ad 2 members get the opportunity to build their portfolios and the chance to learn different sides of the industry they may not get to do at their current positions.

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